Stop Lights and Date Nights

(Shirt and skirt: F21, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Gap, Purse: Fossil)

I finally decided to stop wearing the same outfit everyday and actually took pictures of it! 
Anyway, do you know what siren songs are? If you don't, you should go listen to the Joy the Baker Podcast (specifically this episode). Siren songs are basically something that just calls you to do it even though you know you logically shouldn't. On the podcast, they mention one being wanting to put your hand in the garbage disposal. Obviously, you wouldn't do that but because it's so not what you're supposed to do, something about it just calls to you. Just think about it and I'm sure you'll find yourself laughing hysterically at all the things that siren song you or others. 
With that being said, when I'm at stop lights, I always get a horrible urge to stare or just glance at the car next to me, particularly if their window is down. Well, yesterday I did it very quickly but the young guy at the window was looking straight at me when I did. I quickly turned away and continued to urge the light to turn green. Of course it had to be the longest stop light in history and this guy kept trying to get my attention and then even had the driver honk a few times. Needless to say, most awkward stop light encounter of my life.
The day ended mighty well though with a trip into Sedona to go to dinner with my mister. Over dinner, I realized that we have known each other for seven years now. Something about being so young and being able to say that I've known the man I'm dating for seven years and dated him for almost three of those is completely mind blowing to me, in the best of ways. 


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR!!!!!!


  2. haha. that has totally happened to me (more than once). I am BAD at looking over to the next car. my husband always calls me out on it. oops.

  3. Siren songs! That's so cool, I never knew there was a categorized name for it. I would say photos of injuries that people put on facebook. IT TOTALLY GROSSES ME OUT but when I see it on the news feed I can't help but click to enlarge the photo and take a closer look. Ugh. Why.

    Love the double polkadots :)


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