What I've Been Up To

It's a busy week for me with a baby shower order, Jacob's birthday, and Jacob's sister's bridal shower. What else is new though, right? 
My outfits have been less than inspiring lately so I'm just going to share some pictures of what I've been doing recently! (With a little surprise)
FaceTiming for 3 hours with my sweet friend, Mandi, in Colorado.

Printing and framing prints for the apartment.

Late night Denny's date with my favorite guy. Where we stayed after for a good 30 minutes playing iPod games.

The nest with four "eggs" necklace I made for my momma for Mother's Day.

A little outfit of the day.

Getting frozen yogurt with my future roommade on Mother's Day.

Getting ready to get frozen yogurt again last night. 
(My hair is not in a ponytail)

Excited frozen yogurt face #1.

Excited frozen yogurt face #2.

His version of excited frozen yogurt face.


Today's outfit.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my word your hair looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a bob last summer and LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I was totally going to by that white dress too!!!! Unfortunately they didn't have my size grr we could have been twinners ;)

    1. Thank you so much, lady! And I love that dress so much! I bought the black one first and loved it so much and the length was so perfect that I went and got the white too! Haha.

  2. That hair cut suits you perfectly!!!! How are you liking it?


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