According To My Phone

 Wedding Errands

In the bridal suite before the ceremony

Photo booth with my handsome fellow

The father's day present I made for my golf loving dad

JLO's booty has apparently got nothing on mine

Outfit post via my phone. I got this shirt while thrifting the other day and I'm obsessed. 

Where my mattress ended up during the last of our floor renovations

Finally got some summer clothes

Researching graduate schools makes me feel old

What growing out your bangs looks like

I moved that sucker in from the garage. Alone. Wearing a dress. I am woman, here me rawr.

Outfit posts have officially been down graded to simply phone pictures and this blog is slowly shifting to a blog about my life rather than just my outfits. 
I'm not sure what to blog about recently which is why I've been a bit MIA. I've got a lot going on but still too much time on my hands somehow. It's a strange combination. School schedule, work schedule, relationship talks, body image issues, messy house, packing, being in love with life and the people in it, appreciating the little things. That's been my life these past few weeks and although I feel somewhat in a daze thinking that summer is half over, I'm really enjoying it as it comes. I'm going to try to make this blog more personal and start writing more but for now, I'm going to go get some exercise in and then go enjoy the company of some good people.


  1. please don't even mention the words' summer half-over'. please don't. its quite depressing. :/

    as for my life, i just finished watching 'we bought a zoo' for the 1st time, and loved it!! :) have you ever seen that movie. its adorable.

    and lovin all your summer clothes!! i NEED tank tops.


  2. You are a woman!! Haha I could never lift that!!! & lol j.lo's booty. ;)


  3. You're bike top os divine! I want!!!!! Also the scalloped dress??? SOOO FLIPPING CUTE!!!

  4. I am very envious of your thrifted find. If only I lived in your town and had gotten there first and was the right size. if only . . . :)


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