(Shirt and skirt: F21, Headband: DIY, Sandals: Old Navy)

The Awkward:
  • "But why would you want to get married so young?! You're supposed to be having fun!" Enough said.
  • Accidentally looking like America.
  • How many hours I've spent inside this summer. Let's not even talk about it any further.
  • The fact that our new floors won't be installed until the Monday after next so we're left with concrete floors and all our furniture squished into the carpeted rooms. Right now I'm sitting on a tiny corner of our sectional my brother helped me bring out and using the stack of boxes with the new floors in them as a table.
  • Dad- "You've lost weight. You look skinnier. Good." ....thanks, dad....
  • "It's mostly just hard to suck on. You have to just squeeze it out and I don't like that." Those words I said yesterday were much too awkward not to share. (I was referring to a water bottle)
The Awesome:
  • Wedding cake making starts in a week! 
  • Setting up a day in two weeks to go on a little shopping trip with one of my best friends.
  • How well my wedding board on Pinterest is developing. The plus side to spending so much time indoors.
  • Wedding videos. I've been obsessed for the past year and the obsession only grows. This is one of my all time favorites. Let's not even mention the weird coincidence of the names...
  • The homemade chocolate pie and homemade granola bars I've made this week for Jake. I say it all the time but I'm pretty much a housewife extraordinaire without the wife part. Ha!
  • Reaching 50 followers! Thanks to Amanda at Little Tranquility for being my 50th follower!


  1. aaahhh your haircut is just TOO CUTE!!!! :)


  2. Are you getting married soon???

    Lovin the outfit! I love how the stripes are more subtle, so the skirt stands out. :)

    Also, I WANT YOUR HAIR. :)


    1. Nope! The cake is for my mister's sister's wedding! But we will hopefully be getting married within the next 5ish years which people definitely consider "too young" most of the time.
      And thank you! :)

  3. LOVE the skirt. You're awesome.

  4. Sure thing! You're a cutie! :) :)

  5. Your wedding pin board is so beautiful. Wonderful and pretty ideas! Check out mine


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