Summer Musts

Although summer has already taken over Arizona for the past month, being that today is the official start of summer, I thought I'd share some of my summer musts.
(Pictures from past summers)

Everyday summer musts:
-Homemade pizza making
-Indoor picnics
-Treat making
-Frozen yogurt dates
-Dress and skirt wearing
-Eat all the fruit

Summer 2012 must do's:
-Blow bubbles in the backyard
-Introduce my mister to the lovely people I am blessed to call my family
-Go for a night swim
-Visit a beach
-Spend a day with my mom
-Visit a new thrift store
-Try Boba tea

What are your summer musts?


  1. my summer musts are:

    get a job

    get a henna tattoo

    buy some new clothes

    get some wedges

    get some aviator sunglasses

    go to a beach

    eat chipotle for breakfast, lunch and dinner for one day

    get some highlights in my hair

    color like two strands of hair turquoise blue


  2. My summer musts?
    1. go camping
    2. go hiking
    3. go swimming!!!
    4. go to a water park
    5. eat a lot of ice cream


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