Sushi, Mixed Tapes, and Sunflowers

(Dress, belt, cardigan: F21, Sandals: Old Navy, Purse: Fossil)

Jacob and I are both huge fans of sushi and since he used to work at a sushi restaurant, we prefer eating it often. Well, there's no very good sushi place near us so for our anniversary, we decided to make the hour drive to Prescott to get some sushi. We ended up going to two different places because Jake is silly and hadn't had his fix of sushi after the first place. We then wandered around trying to find some ice cream with no such luck so we headed home and had ice cream there. 
Before we left for dinner, we exchanged gifts (pictures to come tomorrow) and Jake got me the most beautiful sunflowers, my favorites. 
Overall, our little celebration was simple but spending a good five hours together uninterrupted is exactly what wanted. 
Here's to another three years and another three after that and so on and so forth!


  1. With those last 2 pics, are you trying to tell us something??? Or are you just showing us your adorable nail design??? :)

    Also, I think this is prolly my most favorite outfit yet!!! I have this weakness for maxi dresses/skirts. :)

    Also also, I LOVELOVELOVE your short hair!!!! It looks awesome on you!


    1. Thank you so much!
      And nope! That ring is my purity ring I've had for years now!

  2. i found your blog through your guest post over at kitty snooks!
    i am in love with your outfit, that dress is so pretty!
    and congratulations on your anniversary :)
    xo, cheyenne


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