Weekend Recap

Thursday night temporary tattooing.

J's sister taking candids.

Anniversary sushi date.

The beautiful flowers and card J got me

The modern mixed tape J got me. Ended up being one of the sweetest gifts


What J did after I left him in my room alone for a little bit


The curent mess I've been living in while they destroy our floors

Cupcake ingredients for J's sister's cupcake tasting for her wedding

I've discovered my new favorite way of wearing my hair

New shirt that's actually a dress #tallgirlproblems

Things are currently a little crazy due to the construction situation in our house but I do have some new pieces in my wardrobe that I can't wait to show you! 
Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE that headband/hair style!! I'm such a boho lover, but i haven't gotten up the confidence to wear a headband like that yet. :) oh well. maybe i'll try to this summer. :)

    also, that pic of you and jacob is ADORABLE. :)


  2. thanks for you comment the other day, so sweet. you're weekend looks like it was a great time! that sushi looks delicious!!

  3. Love the kitty nail! I saw that on Pinterest and have been wanting to try it! By the way - if you create a blog button let me know! I would love to add it to my own :)


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