Fourth of July

As usual, here is a bit of a peek into my life this past week. 
A coffee date with Nate and Laurel, two of Jake's siblings who happen to be two of my great friends. 

This is what happened when I asked to take a picture.

Jake and I went to celebrate so I put on my favorite dress and new thrifted cardigan. 

Jake's outfit. I just... can't handle it.

The loot from going shopping.

Kaycee got the pictures from the photographer at the wedding and I'm obsessed with how handsome Jake is (far left).

Before I went to take my Spanish CLEP test yesterday.

Needless to say, I did well. I would have hoped for considering Spanish is my first language.

Pumpkin baked goods in summer are the best.

Jake is a huge sweetheart and got me this dress and tights from ModCloth just because.

One of my best friends got engaged this weekend!

Celebrating that my grandma has been in peace with my grandpa in heaven for three years today. Although we miss her so very much, I know she's happier than ever now.  

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful fourth of July!


  1. you got some sweeeet loot from shopping and your friends ring looks grogeous!

  2. Happy fourth of July! Great set of pictures :)


  3. i wish i had enuff money to buy a huge haul like that from shopping!!! :) loved your outfits. :)


  4. Love so much about this post!!
    The shopping, the Spanish, your friends engagement!!
    I've been in an on and off relationship with learning Spanish since I was 14: what I reeeeeally want to do is go live somewhere in South America (I initially learned the latin dialect so the 'th' of Spain-spanish throws me too much) for a year and just soak it up!


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