Give Me a Second To Catch Up

I'm not quite back into the groove of things and still have so many Puerto Rico pictures to share so I thought I'd start with some Instagram pictures.

Before our red eye flight, we went to Joe's Crab Shack. I had never been and I must say, they had the most delicious desserts.

My favorite guy participated for so many pictures! I was shocked. I think we took more pictures together the whole trip than we have during the past three years we've been dating.

Our exhausted faces.

The other cute couple and my roommates, my brother and his girlfriend, Devyn.

Beach trip number one.

Night number two at my aunt's house with the vacationing couples.

I was trying to get him to smile my kissing his cheek. When that failed, I bit his face and a picture was accidentally taken.

Vacation faces!

Beautiful El Yunque. The only rainforest in the US.

My two sweet cousins. 

Jake and I with my uncle. Excuse the ridiculous faces. We had just done a pretty intense uphill hike in El Yunque and with the crazy Puerto Rico humidity, we were sweating like maniacs. 

More pictures and blogging to come soon!


  1. cute pics!! how do you always manage to look amazing??? :)

    and i just got back from a vacation in northern michigan, and we went to the beach, too!! :) i will be sure to post pics.



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