Guest Post: Katia from Kitty Snooks on Home DIYs

Katia is one of my favorite blogger ladies and someone I would definitely call a friend! She is such a lovely lady and someone whose blog you should absolutely check out! She came up with this guest post idea all by herself when I told her she could chose whatever she'd like to write about and I've got to say, I absolutely love it! I am all about DIY things and this is perfect for my current situation.

Hi Guys! My name is Katia and I blog over at Kitty Snooks about fashion, art, and
any other little (or big!) things in life! And speaking of big things in life, I’m sure a
lot of you readers know that Amanda is moving into a new apartment soon. Well
so am I! In fact it’s my first apartment ever, so I’m crazy excited. And since this is a
common theme between the two of us I thought I’d share some of the home DIYs
I’ve found that are not only budget friendly, but super cute and easy to do! It’s easy
to be intimidated by the complexity of some of the DIYs we see, so I thought these
were great because anyone can do them and it’s super easy to find the materials for!

1. Fancify a plain dresser!

(Yes I’m aware Fancify isn’t a real word) I love this DIY for turning a simple dresser
into a piece with character – without going overboard! Just by using some textured
wallpaper, they end up with a really great, ornate style. It’s so easy and simple
to do. I found this DIY via Pinterest but it’s originally from here (link: http://

2. Add a little pop with decorated light switch/outlet plates!

Simple, easy to do, you could probably even do it with scrapbook paper! I love how
little details could be added to a room to add JUST that much more character to
it, they do say it’s the little things in life, right? ;) Project found here!(link: http://

3. Personalize your dishes!

I have LOVED this idea for ages – I’ve had a ceramic paint marker for a few months
now, but apparently you can do it with a plain ol’ sharpie!?! We all have some of
those lying around somewhere! This would be a great way to turn plain, cheap
kitchen dishes into fun, personal pieces that you’ll treasure after! Found this project
here (link:

There are so many more around the web, but these are a few of my favourites ! I’m
definitely hoping to use these and come up with some of my own too once I actually
move in to my apartment! Maybe I’ll post about them all myself when I do my own!
Are you planning on any home DIYS? Have you done any? Let me know, I’d love to
have some more planned, decorating a home is one of the most exciting things about
moving! The potential seems endless, the only limit being a budget – which can
easily be avoided by DIY! So it all works out perfectly in the end! Hope you found

some inspiration for your own home decorating here!


Thank you so much, Katia!
Be sure to check out Katia's wonderful blog, Kitty Snooks!


  1. How cool are these DIY's!!?? You are very clever, Katia!


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