La Isla Del Encanto

I'm back! 
As good as being back and getting things done here is, I miss my first home. There really is no way to describe how wonderful this trip was. Although it was exhausting in that we spent morning to night running around, I enjoyed every bit of it.
We visited two beaches, El Yunque, Viejo San Juan, and a few other places. The love of my life was finally able to meet my family and he was finally able to see the attachment I have with that beautiful island and its people. 
My favorite moment of the entire trip was our last night. My aunt and uncle had a little party in their backyard with the entire family. We ate delicious food, laughed, and danced crazy amounts. There was a point where the entire family was dancing the Macarena and I looked around to see my significant other's face and the faces of each of my family members all smiling. In that moment, my heart just felt completely happy. There it was. Everything I could ever want right in front of me. 

(My camera is unavailable right now so all pictures were taken by my brother's girlfriend) 


  1. It seriously just looks amazing!
    And that moment you described? Perfect!

  2. Loving your pictures! So lovely! Xo


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