A Move and a Vacation

(Shirt: F21, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: F21, Headband: Handmade)

As you can see, today's pictures are brought to you from my garage because if you've ever been in Arizona, you know Arizona sun and summer heat is brutal.
Yesterday, I pulled out my phone and looked at my Puerto Rico countdown and saw the number only read "2". Although I know we leave the day after tomorrow, it still seems so unreal and seeing that countdown that started at 150+ days be down to that tiny little number made it seem a little more real. I'm not sure it will actually feel completely real until I'm watching my Arizona "family" mixing with my Puerto Rico family right in front of my own eyes. I wrote this little something about this trip on my Tumblr that I'll share with you.

Every summer and winter, I visit my family in Puerto Rico. My entire family is there and although I only lived there for three years during my childhood, it is my home. It is where most of the people I love most in this world are and where most of my favorite memories took place. 
After Jacob and I started dating in June 2009, I went to Puerto Rico for my usual summer trip just a month after. As I was there, I already found myself wishing that Jacob could be there to experience what I was experiencing. During the next 3 years, every single time I went, I felt that little bit of sadness knowing that my other piece of home was missing. When I went home in January, Jacob and I talked about how maybe one day he’d finally be able to come. Here we are, six months later and 4 days away from flying 3,000 miles with my best friend/love of my life for him to meet the people that I love most.
This entire trip means so much to me. I cannot wait.
And with that I leave you to finish the 101 things I have yet to do. I'm hoping to get a post or two in while I'm gone but if I don't get around to it, I have two lovely lady bloggers that will be guest posting while I'm away! 
See you in a week or so! 


  1. Have fun, sweet girl! :) Super happy your man gets to come.

    You're actually so gorgeous, I loove this outfit on you!

    Sounds like the best trip ever, hope it is everything you've been hoping for!
    Safe flight!


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