Right Now.

I wasn't made for the city. Maybe it's because I've always lived in small towns or maybe it's just part of who I am. Either way, the city feels so big and empty to me. I want small town. Where everyone knows each others business but everyone also watches out for each other. Where you can see the stars at night and the air feels so fresh as you breath it in. 
I'm making good money but I do not enjoy this job. Life is too short to do something you don't enjoy everyday, you know?
I'm so in love. I'd always heard people say how they continued to fall in love with their wife/husband more with each year but I never understood how that could be until I started dating Jake. I can now say that I know that feeling so well. I feel so blessed to have been given the love of my life so early on in life. 
I'm learning so much. About myself, about this world, about being an adult, about life. Things aren't perfect but I wouldn't change this beautiful life for the world. 


  1. I have mixed feelings on both. I love big cities, all the exciting things that happen there, but i also love the simplicity of tiny country towns. :)


  2. As soon as I am done school and have a career of some kind established I intend to move out of the city. I Grew up here, I've never moved, but I really want to live elsewhere. It's too hectic here for me and I just love being closer to nature.

    That being said. Here in the city isn't too awful either. I just think I'd prefer out of the city.



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