Videos Worth Watching

I'm a huge fan of finding meaningful or inspirational videos online so I thought that while I'm away, I'd share some of those with you. 

Ever since I discovered Sarah Kay, I have been obsessed with her spoken word poetry. Here is a spoken word poem written between her friend Phil Kaye and herself.

My brother makes some really great videos and I'm still in love with this one he made for our mom's birthday a couple years ago.

I am a huge fan of wedding videos and although this one is a little long, it is my absolute favorite. The first minute is a bit strange but I promise you'll be in tears by the end.

This is the original TED Talk that made me fall in love with Sarah Kay's poetry. 

Another TED Talk featuring Amy Purdy who lost both of her legs below the knee at the age of 19. She speaks about living beyond our limits and about how she became a professional snowboarder.