All the feelings.

(Shirt and earrings: F21, Jeans: Gap, Belt: Kohls, Watch: Fossil)

As I mentioned before, I spend my weeks traveling back and forth from school to home to spend my weekends with Jake. It can be a bit difficult always going back and forth, but I must say, it is absolutely worth it to spend a few hours each weekend night with my love. 
The thing is, I am a unbelievably emotional person. Like suddenly crying in a hallway at school for no apparent reason. I have never met someone who was as emotional as I am. It's always been something I've been a bit self conscious about because it's one of those things that comes up suddenly and I've started crying in front of teachers, advisors, and numerous other people in very public situations. So, this back and forth between locations certainly messes with my emotions and I find that every Tuesday when I come back to Phoenix for school, I have an extreme case of the beginning of the week blues. Except it last until Wednesday evening. That's where the dancing like a fool, happy lists, and silly photobooth pictures come in!
That's my rant for the day with a simple outfit that has nothing to do with said rant.
Hope you're having a really great Tuesday! 


  1. No, I'm exactly the same way! It takes an insane amount of self control to not feel that way. If you ever need anything, I'm here!

  2. haha let's be emotional together, because I'm a little unstable with my emotions too :) Even though the driving is probably getting expensive, I'm sure it's worth it! He could live more than a state away, you know?

    p.s. your outfit is adorable!

  3. Don't worry - this is me all the time.
    This morning - an air freshener was sprayed that smelt like my grandparents home = tears.
    Sights, smells, sounds, awkward situations, happy, sad, stressful = I cry for them all!

  4. Like all the above girls, I am totally the same way. I'm actually the one in my group of friends people look at if they think I'm gonna cry. Don't worry, it's about being a girl, and I think it just means that we are all in tune with our emotions, and are not afraid of showing emotion. I'd rather show what I'm feeling than be like a stone. Keep it up girl! And I also feel the same way about spending those few hours with your special one is like the one thing that makes the long drive, or days of NOT seeing each other worth it. =)


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