Bullet Points.

(Dress: F21, Belt and shoes: Kohls, Scarf: Gift)

  • I'm still constantly surprised that I'm dating someone who's even stranger than my own family. Didn't even think that was possible but dinner last night certainly reminded me. Never a dull crowd.
  • I'm already one day into my weekend and have yet to spend time at a coffee shop studying and don't plan to today. This is rather refreshing.
  • I get my wisdom teeth out next week. Womp womp.
  • And I suddenly feel very inspired to do outfit posts. So let's see if this lasts!
What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I love this outfit on you! It's so cute. Do you mind if I pin it on Pinterest? I need more "professional work outfit" ideas and I think this would be great for work with a cardigan. xoxo

    1. Of course not, lady! You are so sweet! Pin away!

  2. This outfit is super adorable!

  3. This is cute. :) My weekend consists of dancing, downtown st.pete adventures, and heritage village visits.

  4. oooh are you getting all of them out at once?! i'm curious to see how it goes for you, i hope well! i need to get mine out soon :: with braces on :/


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