Everyday life.

As usual, my Instagram usually gives a pretty good picture of what I do in my every day life. Here's a peek into the past few weeks!

Picking out a present for my favorite little lady!

Decided to pull out my flute. Fun fact: I played for 3-4 years in middle school and was actually pretty good.

Tried a sock bun for the first time since cutting my hair.

My late lunch usually looks like a child's snack.

I thrifted this awesome blazer for $5.99!

Miss Eva turned 1!

Jake and I have preferred pillows we use when we hang out in his room so DIYed some pillow cases for us.

Living with your brother isn't all that bad when he let's you eat the crusts from his pizza.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cinnamon rolls for my brother while our parents were away on a business trip.

Also thrifted this J. Crew button down for $3

What I like to call fall in h-e-double hockey sticks...

The birthday cake I threw together for my brother along with a homemade lasagna (Yes, those are Mickey Mouse sprinkles)

And yesterday wasn't the greatest day...

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  1. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls? Is there any way I can get the recipe for that? it sounds and looks amazing. XD

  2. Those pillowcases are DARLING!!!! Ohmygosh, love. :) Those cinnamon rolls look to die for, and I want your thrifted blazer!!! :D I need to look up how to do a sock bun. They are so darn cute.



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