Hair Growth Watch: 2012 Edition

As most of you know, I cut my hair off mid May and kind of regretted it. Well, rather than complain (although I've done my share of that in my head) I decided to set out on Mission "Longest Hair Yet." I know, creative name. It's only been four and a half months but I think the growth is pretty great so I thought I'd share and all of you can share with me your hair growing tips and tricks! 

Ready, set, go!


  1. Hehe I love hair growth stories! I might have to start one soon since I'm in desperate need of a probably very big trim :(

    For the record, you still rock the short hair ;)


  2. Personally, I think you look the most amazingest with short hair!! It just really really suits you!!! :) That's my humble opinion. hahaaha

    And I had my hair down to about 6 inches below my shoulders, then I chopped it all off to my shoulders in June. Totally have regretted it, but I think its slowly getting longer again!! haaha Oh goodness, girls and our impulsiveness!! At least me. lol


  3. The thing is...I'm just obsessed with how amazing you look with short hair so I'm gonna be a meanie and not give you any tips! :p

    Just kidding...I don't have any tips - my hair is falling out in clumps!! Any tips on how to stop that??

  4. hey lady! like everyone else has already said, i think short hair is so adorable on you. but i love you with long hair as well, so i'm not much of a help! haha. but it has grown soooo so much! i thought i'd share a few of my tips with ya :)

    - MANE N' TAIL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER!! i swear by this stuff. my hair grows so quickly and so strong and healthy when i use this.
    - after my hair is the length i want, i switch to nexxus pro-mend shampoo and conditioner. keeps it super soft and manageable.
    - while my hair is still damp i use nexxus leave in conditioning cream and paul mitchell super skinny serum.
    - always massage your shampoo and conditioner in your scalp to stimulate your roots and rinse with cold water for extra shine!

    i've been using these products for years (literally) and i would never switch to anything else. my hair has stayed so healthy and continues to grow even with how long it already is and how much heat i use on it every day. hope this helps in some way, sweets!



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