If I wasn't a broke college student...

As any college student knows, clothes shopping is often kept to a minimum unless someone else is buying. It's that four year transition in life going from your parents completely providing for you to, eventually, only you providing for you. So naturally, there never seems to be enough money to be comfortable. It's just part of the experience. We've all been there. 
So, I've decided to start a little series on here that will hopefully last longer than my past ones. We shall call it "If I wasn't a broke college student..." Every week, I'll post some of the items I've been adoring from afar because I am indeed a broke college student. 
So, here goes.
*Just a warning, some of these may not even be "expensive" but I usually can't justify spending over $30 dollars on an item of clothing. So, there's that.

Hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend! 


  1. I love all those except for the first pair of heels!! Too high for me. :) This series sounds like a great one! I've started a few series in the past, but haven't always done very good at keeping up with them. oh well.


  2. Loving the mustard trend I see going on here ;)

    Ahhh gurl I feel ya, thats why I just love thrifting so much - it feeds my shopping urges on a budget! ;)



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