It's okay.

Today, I discovered this feature on A Fancy Day entitled "it's okay" and thought it was just wonderful so I decided to do my own today. 
Let's get started.

It's okay...

-to wear neon when everyone else is wearing fall colors. Especially when you live in Arizona. 

-to go to the mall because you feel like you have to treat yourself after a 3+ hour study session at Starbucks. 

-to dress like a college student when you're in college. Who would have thought?

-to be the girl who suddenly gets teary in public because it's just a rough day.

-to tell people you love them 20 times a day.

-to wear a variation of the same outfit three days in a row.

-to get into pajamas at 5pm.

What are your "it's okay" moments of the week? 


  1. This is super cute. :) i love it. Especially the telling someone you love them 20 times a day.

    It's okay to buy bright orange pants because it feels like Fall.

    It's okay to eat chocolate covered expresso beans every once in awhile.

    It's okay to dislike your Humanities class.

    It's okay to be random and goofy at times.

    It's okay to not like One Direction.

  2. I found your blog through A mile in her shoes, and I love it! I also really like your outfit. And it’s most definitely okay to put on your pajamas on at 5pm.

    -Victoria Horea

  3. This is a great concept, hehehe.

    It's okay to not be okay.
    It's okay to do laundry tomorrow instead of today. It really is.


  4. Love this post! And now I feel so much better about some of the things I do. :) haha

    I would say...

    It's okay to be plan your outfit for something a month ahead of time, just because you're excited for it.
    It's okay to not have a boyfriend.
    It's okay to rock out to the radio in your car.
    It's okay to eat a whole pint of ice cream when you've had a rough day.


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