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So, there's this wonderful little site called Thought Catalog. Some people have heard about it but plenty have not. The site basically contains tons of articles about strange or really practical topics. I've found some really great articles on there and wanted to share some of them with you!

Your flaws single you out, set you apart, make you different from the rest, and thank god. I don’t just put up with settle for accept your blemishes, I like them. I like them because they make you human, and humans are easier to love than photographs and illusions and ideals; humans fit more easily between arms and between legs; humans are welcome to their imperfections because if there’s one thing humans can do perfectly, it’s love. Humans can love, they can do it flawlessly.

So thank you to the real friends, to the people who will be there to pick up the pieces when yet another person we should have known better than to pursue has let us down. Thank you to the people who have held back our hair when we vomited, who picked us up at 3 AM when we couldn’t find a ride, who’ve let us sleep in their beds when we needed a place to crash. Thank you to the love that, by blood or by the chosen familial bonds of best friendship, will always be a part of us and will carry us through the times when we ironically feel that we are completely unlovable. Thank you to the moments that fill our lives so fully that we start to see them blend together, the stories of love that span over decades and count scraped knees, broken hearts, and hospital stays amongst the battle scars they’ve seen. Thank you to real friends, who we can sometimes take for granted, but whom we could never live without.

I think about this sometimes when I’m talking to someone, especially someone I know. It’s always more pronounced when it’s someone you know: you’re looking at them and they’re looking at you and you’re discussing something stupid like where to get dinner and all of a sudden it’s a surprise punch in the stomach, simultaneously seeing the person right in front of you and everything they’ve been through smudged around them like a sort of aura. You look at this person who was once on the verge of suicide, or overcame a serious illness, or had a dad who drank or no family at all, and they’re right there, talking, standing. They’re fine. They’re there. And you get this sudden impulse to weep or just touch them actually to make sure they’re real and wish you could borrow their strength for a moment because your own bones are crumbling.

Because I finally found the man who was worth marrying. It’s both as simple and as complex as that. It wasn’t out of necessity; I’m not pregnant, despite sundry accusations to the contrary. It wasn’t for security; I married a captain in the United States Army and am taking off for parts unknown in a few short weeks. It wasn’t for appearances; if anything, we have alienated many close-minded folks with the permanency of our decision. It was because I finally found the one human being who fills my heart with joy and whom I couldn’t possibly go another day without lest I shrink to something small and mean and soulless. He is my perfect complement, my sanity, and my rock. He is the only person on the planet who could possibly deal with my industrial-forklift-full of emotional baggage and still make fighting over doing the dishes fun. When Harry Met Sally had it right: when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible. Yes, marriage is a calculated risk, but when you risk nothing, you stand to lose everything. Being a grownup is not being Carrie Bradshaw. Being a grownup means turning in your Rolodex and promising an imperfect person you will love him imperfectly for as long as you both shall live.

Sorry this is so wordy! Just thought I'd share my favorite quotes from each. 
Do you have any favorite Thought Catalog articles? I'd love to read them!


  1. Ouuh I have not heard of this site before but it looks amazing - definitely gonna spend some spare time reading some articles on there someday! That first excerpt you posted here is really so so true.



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