Sometimes I just feel inspired to write down things and they usually just sound like a ramble. I usually just post them on Tumblr but I decided I might as well share here too.
It’s been one year. It’s been two years. Three years. 
My life is changing right before my eyes and I don’t have a minute to think about how I feel about that. Everything is moving so quickly but I’m trying to always remember that. That life is too short and the moments too great. I’m trying my best to cherish those moments where I feel as if I could explode from happiness. You know those moments? Where it feels like your in a movie scene where time slows down around that main character and she looks around at all the laughing family around her to take it all in. And you just swear that it’s the greatest feeling in the world. But like life, those moments are too short and before you know it, they’re gone. But I didn’t even get a chance to put you in a little glass jar and stare at you for hours. I guess that’s why they’re so special. You can’t stay there forever or the magic would be gone. 


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