According to my phone

The scorpion I almost stepped on last night...

My social stats professor wins at life.

My hair is growing.

His and hers feet on a date.

Proof that I do wear cute clothes even when I don't do outfit posts.

First tights and boots wearing of the season.

This blazer is on me 80% of the time.

My bicycle shirt is the greatest.

I cut my bangs and bought a little boys' shirt to wear.

My virtual child turned 10!

My last meal pre wisdom teeth removal.


Depressing slides in my intimate relationships class.

Got crafty with my laptop sleeve.

More clothes.


Wearing a dress Jake picked out for me. By himself. From Modcloth. Well done, boyfriend, well done.

I'm thoroughly enjoying fall break even if it has been mostly for doing homework.
 Happy Tuesday!


  1. Lovin all your outfits!! Its been so cold here I've been wearing tights and boots for like a month and a half already!! But I live in the East, so that's why. :)


  2. I am obsessed with the red/pink/coral dress with the ruffle neck!! Where is it from!?

    1. I got it years ago at Ann Taylor Loft on sale for $10!


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