According to my phone.

There's not a bad afternoon that a Ghirardelli square can't make better.

I found this gem.

Dance practice day means that I wear leggings as pants all day.

I made J homemade pasta for homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo because I'm the best girlfriend.

Putting balloons on a to-do list makes you get through it faster. True story.

Voting for the first time means you're an official adult I guess.

My outfit for an all afternoon date with coffee and a pile of homework.

How was your weekend?


  1. Your week and weekend sounds lovely! I was just recovering from my wisdom teeth removal. I haven't had much pain thank God but its sore! Good thing about this is I got to see Alex a lot more and I was lazy. :) Also, maybe post that pasta recipe! I love me some fettuccine Alfredo!

  2. I looove this so much. I totally agree with the first one, and your outfit is adorable.

  3. im loving your yellow beanie! too cute!

  4. my weekend was great!! i got to hang with my friends all saturday, so that was good. i blogged about it, btw. :)

    also, i wish i were a dancer so i could wear leggings as pants all day!! haha but seriously, really really lovin that first outfit!! :)



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