Are you there, fall? It's me, Amanda.

(Shirt: Old Navy, Blazer: Borrowed from Mom, Jeans: Target, Boots: Amazon)

Oh, fall. I'm so glad you have arrived. Now, please stay. 
Moving along now. How is it possible that I am the closest I've ever been to graduating with a bachelor's degree (9 months, 16 days until I'm done with classes and 13 months and 17 days until graduation to be exact), yet this is the furthest I have ever felt from that glorious day? This is just a darn strange time in life and I have a feeling it will only get even more strange within the next year or so. But you know what, as much stress as I'm under, I can't help but be a bit giddy because really, life is pretty swell. I mean, pumpkins, cool temperatures, cozy nights, being almost done with college. I'd be silly to not appreciate it. 
Oh, and a man told me I looked like I just arrived from London while I was studying at Starbucks today. I'm not sure what that even means but I'm taking it as a compliment. A darn good one.
On an unrelated note, I'd like to do a little Q&A so if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them in a comment! :)


  1. Okay I am totally LOOOOOVIN your outfit!!! I love how you rock blazers with just about anything! And your hair is so pretty, too. :) Right now the fire is going and the fam is watching "Mannix". Its a 70s cop show...



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