Back to the routine.

Today I'm back at school which means back to the routine. After a break, getting back to the usual is always difficult. When that happens, I find it useful to find some inspiration for the week. So here is my Tuesday inspiration of the week!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.


Good to remember during midterms week.

I need to make this this week. No question about it.

Just look at that face!

Need to make these asap as well. 

What's inspiring you this week? 


  1. what's inspiring me...

    the fall weather. and the weekend soon to be coming up. and that the first quarter is almost over!! yayyy. :)

    and that kitten face is too presh. too presh.


  2. The coffee cake. Oh gosh. <3

    Inspiring me? Free time. Time to think. Time to dream. Time to create. Last week, i got a puddle full of papers and exams and this week I had a whole day to myself (Thank you Inservice days) And I was able to actually take my time through life. And having time to truely live and spend time with life, inspires me.


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