Broke College Student: Part 5

I got all four of my wisdom teeth out on Friday so I'm spending my time lounging around and "taking it easy" as the surgeon ordered. So that explains the lack of posts. I realized I didn't do a Broke College Student post last week so here is last week's and this week's combined. 

So many cute things for fall, so little money!
Anyway, hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. Ouu those undies are super classy and cute but sexy all at once ;) I like!

    Feel better from your wisdom teeth surgery! Eat lots of icecream ;)


  2. All four at once?! Yikes! You have amazing taste - those blazers and dresses are perfection!

    Thanks for stopping by my little internet's awesome that you're doing the family & human development degree at ASU! You probably have some of my favorite professors! Feel free to email me if you wanna know more about post-bachelors life in mental health :)


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