"Can I dress you?"

Last night, J and I got talking about clothing and we went through Pinterest for a good 25 minutes looking at the women's fashion while he told me which he liked and which he didn't. Let me tell you, I now know that although he likes my style, there are a whole lot of things I wear that he is not a fan of at all. (flats, cardigans, big scarves, etc.)
Although the mister is not a big fan of exploring fashion for himself, I, of course, have tons of ideas of clothing I'd put him in if he gave me the chance. 
Since he would probably hate most of the things I would pick out, I'll share the inspiration with you and maybe you can convince your mister/brother/guy friend to let you dress him!


  1. We have such similar man-style! Haha I am considering replacing my bf with a Ken Doll so I can dress him!! ...just kidding...sorta'...

  2. I love your "guy style" - I told my fiance that I liked the way I guy I used to work with dressed... this very much embodies that style!


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