Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream

I'm alive! 
I spent all weekend resting from my surgery and although I still can't eat solid food and am still taking Ibuprofen every four hours, I am back at it. 
But forget about the yuckyness of wisdom teeth, let's focus on the happy things going on!
Happy things in my life this past week:
  • Not having to take any pain pills other than ibuprofen!
  • Ice cream! (even though I've been eating it for almost every meal)
  • My momma and poppa. They're just so darn good to me.
  • Finding a parking spot on the first floor of the parking garage at ASU
  • Fall break next week
  • Birthday celebrations with J's family.
  • Discovering the best latte I have ever had.
  • J being a sweetheart. 
  • Only 2 months and 15 days until Christmas! 
Speaking of Christmas, I don't know if I mentioned that I will be on a cruise the whole week of Christmas. My family is a big fan of cruises so we have taken a few cruises as a whole family together. I'm talking about 25 of us. There's so many of us and so much luggage that my grandparents rent a school bus to take us from each of the family's homes in Puerto Rico to the port about an hour away. Let me tell you, it is quite the experience. Some of my best memories on these cruises with my big family. Here's a few pictures from one of the past bus rides:

What are your happy things from this week? 


  1. Yayyyy Christmas makes me happy. :) 75 days to be exact! We have a Christmas countdown. lol. That sounds awesome! Enjoy your ice cream! haha

  2. Love the new look!! And hope the pain stops soon! :P

  3. I'm a little bit obsessed with your big, beautiful family and adventures!! You've got it pretty good, girl!! How exciting about the cruise!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed you can go back to solids soon too :)


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