You know those people in life that forever change how you feel about things or how you look at certain situations? They make you want to be a better person and never give up. 
Well sometimes you get lucky enough to have a teacher like that. 
Technically, she was never my teacher. I peer tutored in Mrs. Adam's class all of my senior year of high school. The class was called Jump Lab. Now, I know that sounds like a silly name but I think it worked with how much fun Mrs. Adams brought to a classroom. The class consisted of students who were really struggling in a few classes and a lot of these students had really rough home lives or pasts. 
Let me tell you, peer tutoring in this class was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The experience was certainly one I wouldn't have changed for the world. 
But what made it all the more special was the teacher I worked under. Mrs. Adams is just one of those people. The kind that constantly have a warm smile on their face and welcoming eyes. Not only did she treat me INCREDIBLY the whole year (free Starbucks, treats, beautiful birthday presents, Christmas present, end of the year present, a graduation cake, you name it), she was constantly there for me through a hard year. She would open up an extra chair at her desk to you at any given moment and just let you talk. That woman poured her heart and soul into all of her students and it touches my heart to this day to think of. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of her that I know of but I do have a picture of the cake she got me for my last day of school. 

That incredible lady will forever be one of my inspirations and hopefully I'll run into her someday. 
Have you had a teacher who made a big impact in your life? 


  1. I haven't had a teacher make an impact, at least not yet, but I have many friends who have!! That's awesome you had someone like that in your life, Amanda!! :) The cake is cute.


  2. I had a teacher in grade 5 who was the first person outside of my family who seemed to really believe in me, in my potential. He was my english teacher (I was in french immersion) And he was so so supportive of my writing poetry, he'd give me A ++ (yes, two pluses) on an assignment, he gave me his email at the end of the year and told me he trusted me to judge who else of my peers to give it to or not, and I still email him to this day and send him my poetry and talk about poetry and stuff. It's really touching to me and I don't think I'd be who I am without his support.

    That cake looks amazing, talk about going above and beyond as a teacher! She sounds wonderful.


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