Love letters.

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When I originally wrote the title for this post, I was going to write witty love letters to inanimate objects but then I realized I'm not witty. So I decided to talk about actual love letters. It's a practice I have much experience with and love. You see, J and I spent a large chunk of our relationship apart and during that time, I kept a notebook full of love letters to give him upon our being reunited. Let me tell you, throughout our three and a half years, I've written a good 200-300 letters. It's actually one of my favorite things to look back on because in a way, they're like a journal for my own life events but also the story of all the ups and downs we've been through. To this day, I still keep a notebook of letters for him that I plan to give him on our wedding day (just don't tell him about it ;) ) 
Are you a letter writer yourself? 
(Oh, and I guess I should address that it's Halloween but I'm a horrible college student and will spend my day doing homework and my night eating candy and takin a test... Happy Halloween!)


  1. AWwwwwww I've heard of people doing that! Like in the "Christy Miller Series" by Robin Jones Gunn, the girl Christy wrote letters to her future hubby Todd, which I thot was sooo sweet and such a unique idea!! :)

    Oh and I won't be celebrating Halloween tonight either. My family doesn't celebrate it, and I could honestly care less about it anyways. :/ Its not exactly a nice, warm, and cozy type of holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. haha


  2. I'm totally a letter writer :) That's so cute!! I have journals of 2011-2012, that are about Alex and I. Our ups and downs as well! And it has doodles in it of our days. Not the best but cute ones! And I plan on giving that to him when it's January 1, 2013. I also wanted to do something like that for our wedding but I write a journal and he does too. So we could read it. I'm thinking of maybe writing favorite moments over the year :)


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