September Photo a Day

30: You, then

29: My errands usually involve a coffee stop

28: Bright workout clothing is a good thing

27: I have a love/hate relationship with Arizona

26: Near

25: Frame

24: Three things

23: Before bedtime

 22: Looking up at part of my mom and I's cookbook collection

21: Sometimes, I wonder how my hair is this ridiculous on it's own

20: My car is man-made

19: From underneath the coffee table

18: Price

17: In the fridge of college students

16: Strange outfit

15: First thing you see

14: Favorites

13: Tables

12: Together

11: My heros

10: Black and white

9: Something you do most weekends- Hang out with that guy

8: That night I was thinking about how that little babe turned one

7: Natural

6: Everyday, I think this

5: Bright room

4: In my mailbox

3: My family is far away

2: Father

1: You, now


  1. i love these. photo a day is my favorite. seriously so good. oh ya and your blog looks good.



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