Where are you, fall?

(Shirt: Sugar Lips, Blazer: Thrifted, Jeans: Gap, Belt: Kohls, Purse: Fossil)

Contrary to what you may think when looking at this outfit, it was actually a high of 93 this day. And this is in the Northern part of Arizona. Let's not even talk about Phoenix (where I am during the week for school). 
I got this wonderful blazer while thrifting for $6. I'm totally in love. So I decided to wear it most of the weekend to see if I could somehow will the cool weather to come by wearing cool weather clothes. I'm not entirely sure it worked but at least the forecast is showing temperatures in the 80s for this weekend back home. Hooray! 
Does it actually feel like fall where you are? 


  1. You know, even is it was blistering, I'm glad that you sported this outfit. It's adorable! I love blazers for autumn. That cute and colorful blouse underneath is a great addition. It's actually cooling down here in the Pacific Northwest. I actually can enjoy being outside again!


  2. Oh, it's fall here in NC! SO lovely.. How can you stand that weather in jeans?!

  3. only thing i like about provo, fall. its perfect right now. i love 65 degree weather and its about hitting that target. my hubbies parents just got back to gilbert and said it was 102, no fun. sorry, but you still look adorable.


  4. Yes it feels like fall here! Our patio out back is covered in gorgeous gold, red, yellow, brown leaves. Its beautiful! And that's why I've decided to never move to a southern, hot state, cuz you really don't get fall that much, right? so yeah. :)

    love love LOVE your outfit soo much!! its adorbs. :) and your hair is the same length as mine now! haha


  5. i love the outfit!

    ps: im a new follower :)


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