On how things work out.

Dress: Gap, Belt and blazer: Kohls, Tights: Gift, Boots: Amazon

“It’s just that nothing is turning out as it should have.” I heard this said today and all I could think was “Now, isn’t THAT something everyone has thought?” We all have these expectations of what our lives should look like at a certain point through our journey. But the thing is, what fun would life be if it was that way? If we just went along and life went exactly how we had always imagined? Things work out in the strangest of ways. You end up loving people you never thought you would love. You end up furthest from the people you thought would be by your side forever. You end up the complete opposite of what you thought you would be. The thing is that it was meant to be just like that. Just because you pictured one thing doesn’t mean that is how it should be. And I think that’s the most dar beautiful thing about life. It all works out as it should.


  1. i'm in love with this post

  2. Okay seriously Amanda - I am flippin in love with your double styled polka dots!! How adorable are those tights!!??!? Gotta get me some of those...

    Of course I purdy much love everything you wear.... so yeah. :)



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