Tears of joy.

“The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life’s plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.”

I am blessed. God had given me more than I ever could have asked for and I'm just barely starting life. 
After a long day of family, good food, and love, I am thankful for so much. It could really never be put in a single page but here's a mini version of what I am thankful for on this beautiful day.

Jacob, my sweet, sweet Jacob
my unbelievable parents
my wonderful family
true friendships
a healthy body
the opportunity to go to college
a beautiful home
Jacob's family who is always so sweet to me
a God that never fails me
the opportunity to experience so much beauty every day

I hope you are all enjoying your families and loved ones