Thankful: The Roommate.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, I'm going to do a few post this weeks about different things I'm thankful for. Of course, I would have to continue this series on forever in order to get everything in (maybe I will...) so we'll just cover the tip of the iceberg for now.
Let's start with my roommate. I could have started with Jacob or my wonderful parents but since I've never talked much about her here, we'll start with her. 
Devyn or DJ. 

Things I'm thankful for about Devyn:
I'm thankful that she lets me borrow her clothes.
I'm thankful that she lets me do her awesome hair whenever.
I'm thankful that she stresses out about school as much as I do so we can stress together.
I'm thankful that she's been in my life for about six years now.
I'm thankful that my major is her minor so we can talk about how much we like it.
I'm thankful that she watches Teen Mom with me.
I'm thankful that together we survived AP Calculus in high school. (pictured above)
And so much more!

Who are you thankful for today?