2012. This year has been… well, uneventful. I feel as thought it passed by in the blink of an eye and I can hardly remember how I spent all 12 months of it. I didn’t go through any huge changes, I didn’t have my heart broken, I didn’t accomplish something incredible. It was just a year. And that makes me sad but after looking back at my last three posts on New Years Eve of the last three years, maybe boring and uneventful isn’t so bad sometimes. Maybe a calm year is just what I needed after three years of chaos. 
Good things in 2012:
-changing my major to something I absolutely love
-taking another wonderful trip with my whole family
-losing 10 pounds
-challenging myself in school
-figuring out what I want to do once I graduate
-moving in with one of my best friends
-doing cakes for two weddings and numerous other events
-started this little blog of mine
Goals for 2013: 
-do a 5K turkey trot
-get a kitten
-get a full-time job
-get my own place
-graduate from college
-take a trip somewhere new on my own
-cook my way through the Joy The Baker Cookbook
-be kind to myself
-meet new people

Happy New Year! Be safe out there tonight!



  1. sounds like a pretty great year to me!
    i kind of feel like the same about our year, but now looking back i still feel like it was a great year!
    happy new year amanda!
    glad you're back!



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