Guest Post: Kirsten!

hi guys! so first of all amanda is the cutest, she's such a great person and i love her blog. anyways, i'm kirsten from K&R, normally i blog about our lives, photos i've taken, outfits, food or just basically anything i want. so amanda asked me to guest post, as you can tell, about anything i wanted. for some reason this made it really hard for me to decide what to do, and then i thought "amanda always posts cute pictures of her outfits, so ill try and do the same!" so here you go, this is me trying to be all cute like amanda.

classic outtakes, gosh i think i'm funny

outfit details: under shirt (jcrew $10) // button up: urban outfitter (its older than i am) // jeans: urban outfitters ($10) // boots: steve madden (gift) //  infinity scarf: american eagle (gift)

here are a few things about my style and these pictures:
these pictures were taken right before a snow storm attacked us. in utah it gets pretty cold and layering is soo important here. i like to do also is tuck in my shirts probably more than is acceptable, but i think thats because its the only way i will remember my belt. as far as describing my style goes i feel like i don't even know how to describe my style besides the fact that i like getting good deals (but who doesnt?). maybe i would say i like to keep things simple and classy. another thing is i don't always focus on whats flattering, for me its about comfort, in the winter everyone looks like a marshmallow anyways, right? lastyl i've been working on mixing patters, what do you guys think? i feel like all the cool people are good at mixing patterns and it can make things interesting. how do you dress for winter? hope you stop by my blog!

thanks again amanda!

Oh, Kirsten! Such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for this lovely post! 
Go take a look at Kirsten wonderful blog over here!


  1. love K and her cute blog - so glad it led me here :)
    newest follower!
    off to stalk you

  2. I love her oh so much. && your blog is adorbs!
    Eryka @ ABCDE


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