Guest Post: Lauren: Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

Hey guys, I'm Lauren from One of Five. I'm so honored that Amanda asked me to fill in for her while she gets out of town for a little while. Even though she's probably having a fantastic time with her family and cutie of a boyfriend, we're going to have a pretty good time too, okay? :)

Today I wanted to share a few ideas dealing with gift-wrapping. We too often spend loads of time selecting the perfect gift, and then spend not-so-much time on how its displayed. I'll be the first to admit:: I've given a Christmas gift (on more than one occasion) wrapped in a plastic Target bag. Not exactly one of my finer moments. Sure, I may not be a professional gift-wrapper, but a plastic bag? Really? 

So for all of you elves that just miiiight be able to relate, 
and that just maaay be lacking a little inspiration in the gift-wrapping field, this is for you.

p.s. other little things::
+red striped washi tape.
+how to make pom poms.
+printable gift tags.
+chevron paper bags.


Okie dokie! There's a lot of links so let me know if any of them don't work! x


Thank you so much, Lauren! Go take a look at Lauren's blog here! So many wonderful ideas and bits of inspiration!