So says my phone.

I am safe and sound on the island that never sleeps after a very tiring two red eye flights! It's so good to be around family and just appreciate them, especially this time of year. Of course, I miss my other half but at least I get to see him the rest of the year. We're here with my grandparents until Saturday when we all leave on our cruise. Let me tell you, 24 of my favorite people on a school bus on our way to a week long cruise together is one of my favorite things in this world. I am forever grateful for such wonderful experiences with so many wonderful people. I have no interesting outfit posts so instead, here are some pictures from this past week according to my phone. 

 Jake's card from my Christmas presents//New Fossil purse//my parents' AMAZING surprise for me// a beautiful Christmas card from an internet friend
 Silly poppa//Christmas cookie packages//new dress//something about a lite up tree
adorable restaurant we ate lunch at today//the cruise itinerary//when my hair was really long//instructor's got jokes 
home sweet home//sleepy flyers//momma's set up on the plane//watching home videos from when my cousins and I were tiny



  1. Awww glad you got arrived at home safely!!!! Have an amazing Christmas! :)



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