Happy Anniversary!

It's my blog-aversary! This here baby blog is a whole year old today! I can hardly believe it. In honor of this wondrous occasion, I have my first ever hair tutorial for you! Exciting stuff, I tell you.
As my hair is still not at my ideal length, I don't do as many different things with it as I do when it is long but these faux milk-maid braids are one of my favorites. They're quick and I love that they don't look quick. People ask me all the time how I did my hair when I wear it like this. I also love that it makes it look like my hair is a lot longer than it is.
Hope you like it!

-Start with dry hair.
-Part hair down the middle all the way to the back. Start with one side.
-Split a small chunk of hair into three pieces at the root. French braid until you run out of hair on that side then continue braiding normally. Tie with a hair tie.
-Repeat on other side. Enjoy looking like a 6 year old.
-Pick up on of the braids and pin in back with as many bobby pins as you need. At this point you can either take out the hair tie or leave it in.
-Repeat with other braid.
-Take out a few strands of hair on each side.
At this point, you can either leave your bangs down (if you have them) or pin them up. I showed both above. You can also braid them in at the beginning.

And that's a wrap! Thank you all for reading my words every week and all your sweet words. It has been a great year of blogging and I hope for many more in the future. 

(I guest posted over at Oh Abby Day with a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball Cookies. Check it out here!)


  1. Awe I love it! you really rock that hair style, you pretty thing!


  2. love it, i'm all for anything that makes my hair look longer than it is!



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