Hello, My name is Amanda...

I've gotten so many wonderful new followers these past two weeks so I just felt like I should to a little "get to know me" post because after all, I'm pretty nosy and like to know about people's lives, especially if I read their blog.

Hello, My name is Amanda and I'm a bakeaholic.
That is no joke, my friends. You can usually find me doing one of three things. Cuddling with that man of mine, baking, or doing homework. It's an exciting life I tell you. In all seriousness though, my life is actually pretty delightful even though it does often resemble that of a 80 year old grandma's. 
I go to Arizona State University and will be graduating with a degree in Family and Human Development in December of this year. Don't ask me what I'm planning on doing with said degree because my answer is somewhere along the lines of "I have no darn clue." I'm interested in at least 30 different careers so I'm currently looking to go to graduate school for something completely unrelated.(More on that later) 
Jacob (or Jake) is my significant other of almost four years. He's pretty cool, I guess.

(just a few of my cousins)

I'm mostly Puerto Rican with a bit of Arab mixed in. My entire extended family continues to live in Puerto Rico so I make the trip back home once or twice a year. Family is incredibly important so I am constantly saying thanks for both my blood family and the family I have acquired through my significant other's family. 
Last but certainly not least, I'm a firm believer in a forgiving, loving, and wonderful God. My days are full of thanking Him for this amazing life He's given me to love and help others. 

Anything else you'd like to know? Leave it in the comments section and I'd be more than glad to answer!