Rental Sweet Rental

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I've been day dreaming and pinning all kinds of ideas about what I hope I can make my little future apartment look like. I'm planning on living in a different part of Phoenix come fall and as always, I'm most excited about decorating a space that's just my own. 
What does your dream home look like? 


  1. So many pretty images! I want to go furniture shopping now.. this is bad! lol

    I nominated you for Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  2. I want my place to be a mix of countryness, antiques, and shabby chic, i think. :) i don't really know honestly! haven't thought about it much. lol but i just love the pictures you pinned! my fave is the one with the blue couch and pink wall. :)



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