You can call me grandpa.

dress: Gap, cardigan: Costco, tights: ??, scarf: gift, boots: Amazon

Excuse my frazzled hair. A storm is brewing and it is mighty windy and cold today. For the occasion, I pulled out my grandpa sweater. And yes, it is from Costco. Score!
Moving along, school started this week and let me tell you, being officially a senior makes really puts the pressure on one to get stuff done. I got my first GRE prep books today and I am just plain overwhelmed. So much to do while taking 22 credits. But alas, I will power through! Plus, I found out I made the dean's list so that's a good motivator to keep kicking some academic rear end. 
How has your first week back at school been? Or your week in general? 



  1. Hang in there pretty lady! You can do it! 22 credits is a lot but we all believe in you, and you make your grandpa sweater look adorable! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  2. My first week back has been pretty good, I have some SICK courses this semester. It's gonna get busy though, working at the same time. Yeesh.
    YAY FOR COSTCO SWEATERS. And you're one hot grandpa, miss.

    Good luck with your semester :D


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