Let's be real.

I sometimes feel as though the blogging world has a way of making people's lives look perfect because we prefer to share the good in our lives and use pretty pictures to do so. Not that there aren't plenty of bloggers that share their struggles as well but I feel like sometimes, I just need to share the real life bits that aren't so glamorous.
So, let's be real for a second.

  • I went four days without washing my hair this past week. Keep in mind that I work out 5-6 days a week. It was rough but I made it.
  • I'm going through the "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN I GRADUATE?!?!" panic already. It's going to be a long year. Or maybe I'll finally settle on what I want to go to grad school for and then I'll be able to calm down. My mom and Jacob are the two that I usually talk to about grad school options and I'm sure they just think I'm insane because I change my mind so often. I think I'm on to something good though. Let's hope my mom doesn't laugh in my face because it's completely not what I last mentioned to her. We'll see.
  • I'm wearing the same shirt I wore 2 or 3 other times this past weekend today. I'm obsessed. It happens. It's also totally acceptable as long as you see different people each day or put different things over it. 
  • I've also worn the same shoes all weekend. Just go with it.
  • On Friday (the 1st), I had plans of eating real food and real meals because I struggle with that. I did so well for breakfast and lunch and then my day went to total crap and I had frozen yogurt and heart shaped mini Crunch bars for dinner. 
So that's been my real (and embarrassing) moments of the week. How has your week been? 


  1. Oh great!!! Sometimes I'll go a whole week with not washing my hair... I usually just throw it up in a messy ponytail with a headband. Works for me! I don't really care if people are like, 'Dude, she's done her hair the same way this whole week'! Like, whatever!! lol


  2. I think it's great you made that kind of post, because sometimes we just need to let it out. we write those blogs because we want to share things but things aren't always pretty. but that's how life is.

  3. My week has been about the same.
    I don't wanna do my laundry because I hate the basement laundry room in my building. And it costs $1.75 for every load of laundry....
    My favourite prof gave me a suggestion on my paintings today and I, for some reason, blushed like crazy, and so I turned away from him and it probably looked like I was being rude. I felt so bad. Because he's my fav prof. And I seemed silly. Totally did some damage control with him after by discussing other painting things. But sheeesh this blushing reflex is annoying!!

    ANYYWAY. Good luck deciding what to do with grad school, that must be really frightening. I'm only in 2nd year but I'm also feeling some 'holy cow what am i going to do with the rest of my life?' fear.


  4. The quote... so true. I love it. :) haha

  5. LOVE the quote. Worn the same shoes? i gotcha. I'm the same!!!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  6. 1. me too girl. the older i get, the less i want to shower - i don't have time for that! thank goodness for dry shampoo (saves my bangs every time!)
    2. stop and breathe. college will end before you are ready too. it just does. enjoy each moment and soak them up. when you graduate the Lord will show you what is next.
    3. i wear the same outfit multiple days in a row - it just means you are resourceful :)

    so glad i found our blog! i think you are great!

    1. Thanks, girl!
      And yes, trying to enjoy it but I'm a senior so I am definitely at that point where I have to start making some decisions- my least favorite thing haha.
      Glad to have you here!


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