Polka Dot Gift Bag DIY

For Valentine's Day, I decided to make Jake an overly girly gift bag for his presents since I only had a pink gift bag and had just bought some wonderful gold glitter. So I thought I'd share this simple DIY tutorial with you!
You'll need:
  • glitter
  • some sort of glue
  • a pen
  • your paper gift bag of choice
Start off with making some polka dots of any size with your pen on your gift bag. Then spread some glue on each polka dot. I just did this with the tip of the glue bottle. Then sprinkle your glitter on top, shake off any extra, and let it dry.
Now you're ready to give your awesome gift to someone in a pretty bag! 



  1. This is so simple and so cute! Investing in glitter stat.

    1. Definitely! I'm so excited to come up with other things to glitter-fy!


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