Stripes and Tights

dress: gap/ belt, cardigan, and flats: f21/ tights: jcpenney

This blog should just be called "How many ways can Amanda wear the same dress?" 
A lot is the answer to that question. I'm still on a roll with my black dress. Today, I decided to pair it with these silly tights and keep it really simple up top. I got these tights about four years ago and have only worn them a handful of times because they're so crazy. But this black dress works for silly tights because it's so simple. 
So lesson for today, your black dress can also be combined with silly tights. 
For more ways I've worn this dress, click here!



  1. Ouuu those tights are super cute (I feel like I've told you that before if you wore them in another outfit.... perhaps....) I LIKE.


  2. It's a cute dress! Can't blame you for wanting to wear it often.


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