Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up in just two weeks so I thought I'd try my hand at using Polyvore for the first time to make a birthday wish list! I absolutely love birthdays so be prepared to hear all about the upcoming one for the next two weeks ;)

Do you have a birthday wish list going? If so, I'd love to hear about it!
(You can also find my on going wish list here if you need ideas for an upcoming event for yourself!)


  1. I had my 19th bday three months ago in january! but yeah i made a wish list. :)

    how old will you be, btw?


  2. I looove all of your picks! Especially the floral dresses, so pretty.
    My birthday's at the end of January, so it's kind of awesome.. kind of lame at the same time. Just because it's right after Christmas, so if I didn't get something I really wanted for Christmas, I usually get it for my birthday! But come spring time, I'm sad I don't have any exciting event to look forward to that will get me free stuff! ha.

    Happy early Birthday though :D

  3. hahahah you are my favorite.
    i love those shoes!


  4. those shoes and that happy yellow skirt. man oh man. :)


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