Grow, grow, grow.

As you may know if you've been around here for a while, I am currently on a mission to grow out my hair. Obviously it doesn't take much effort on my part ;) 
Anyway, it's now been almost 10 months since I chopped off my hair so I thought I'd do another little update about my hair.

First, I have curly hair. As shown above.
 This is also how long my hair was before I cut it this last time.

Left to right: right after I cut it, 4/5 months after I cut it, ten months after cutting it.

The good news is: it's growing! If it were my way, I'd want it to just magically grow longer again but since that's not possible, this will do. 

If you're wondering what things I do to help my hair grow, here you go:
-drink a good amount of water
-try to only straighten my hair once or twice a month
-take biotin everyday
-slather my hair in coconut oil for an hour before washing my hair a few times a week

(Also, I desperately need a little trim)

Any other tips and tricks you've gathered in your hair growing experience?


  1. i am on the SAME mission, girlfriend. i do all of the above (aside from the coconut oil - however, i need to try that!). i think the biotin helps though!!


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