Life is short.

They always say that "real life" starts when you graduate from high school, when you get a job, when you graduate from college, when you get your masters degree, when you get married, when you have your first child. We're always told that "life" will start in a few years. It's just out of reach but you'll get there soon. Yet, you never do. And one day, you realize that life started long ago. Life started the moment your parents heard your heart beat for the first time. Life has been there all along but you were too busy looking just around the corner for it. Life is in the little moments where you just think to yourself "In this moment, I am truly happy." Life is in wearing your favorite piece of clothing and drinking your favorite drink from your favorite coffee shop. It's in the fits of laughter you share with your family as you look back on the past. Life starts right here, right now. In this very moment, you are alive and that is the biggest blessing in the world. 


  1. I love everything about this post!! Definitely something I didn't learn until about 2 years ago. Happiness isn't a destination, it's a way to travel :) You're a gem!

  2. i love this post.

    especially the image, i once saw that ''quote'' on a written on a wooden board and it was so pretty. i wish i had bought it.


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